About me

I was born in Ferrol, Spain, in 1995. Multidisciplinary artist of irreverent nature, lover of the erotic and grotesque. Empowered profligate, I am a potential hermit, married to art, but our relationship is a polyamorous one shared with history and philosophy and, for now, with no emotional disasters.

Besides playing with my pussy in front of a webcam, I produce audiovisual content that some people may label as porn while others are left somewhat transposed in a contemptuous way. What matters to me is getting to convey any kind of emotion to the viewer, either through illustrations, videos, shows or recording a nudist getaway in the woods caressing trees.

Solo expos:

- Kill them with kidndess en Menuda Histor​y, 2020, Madrid

-Solo en club 2, 2019, Madrid

-Hedoné en Fundación Seoane, 2018, A Coruña

-Caos is love Eleva 4k 2018, Madrid 


Colective exhibitions:


Erostreet Festival 2019, Barcelona